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Soar with our cash advances for small businesses.
Call us today: 888-829-6374

To stay competitive, small businesses seek alternative business financing for flexible funding options. Business cash advances (also known as merchant cash advances) from Cynergy Data can be the right service for merchants' business demands for cash and flexible terms.

• Get up to $250,000 in a business cash advance. In as little as 2 business days you can secure working capital for funding things such as: paying off business debt, hiring more staff, building inventory, and making renovations. Dreaming of a long-awaited vacation? Use the capital from a merchant cash advance any way you see fit—it’s your money!

• Easy payback: Like other forms of business cash advance funding, we collect on your future receivables. Our business cash advances program collects a small percentage of your business's daily Visa/MasterCard transactions. That’s it. No fixed payments. No payment schedule. No hassles.

• Fast cash advance qualification process: You may automatically qualify for our merchant cash advance program. If your small business is non-seasonal, has no open bankruptcies and processes at least $5,000 each month in Visa and MasterCard, you may qualify for a merchant cash advance. Call now and see if your business pre-qualifies for our merchant cash advance program: (888) 829-6374.

Don't limit the profit potential of your business. A merchant cash advance may be the kick start your business needs. Call Cynergy Data today and find out more about alternative business financing and our merchant cash advance program: (888) 829-6374. You can also email us to
sales@cynergydatagroup.com (please be sure to mention either Business Cash Advances or Merchant Cash Advances in your message).

Sign with us and receive 1% REBATE of your first 3 months processing

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