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E-Commerce has become a way of life for consumers and businesses, leading to be a necessary option in today's business environment. To participate in the big business on the World Wide Web, you need a payment-processing partner that is dedicated to superior technological solutions and service. Cynergy Data's ePayment Charge provides the latest in credit card processing technology, security, and flexibility, giving your business important advantages.

ePayment Charge offers:

Easy Implementation into your existing website

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption
Firewall Protection
Password Protection
Secure, Fast and Dependable Gateway Access

With ePayment Charge your customers have access to purchasing your products or services over the Internet through your existing website. With the Virtual Terminal supplied by ePayment Charge you can also verify and process credit card orders online in real-time. An all-in-one solution, ePayment Charge can be quickly and easily integrated into your existing website. Once ePayment Charge is in place on your site, you can compete in the global arena with global presence. 

E-Payment Charge is available for merchants who need a Real Time solution to authorize, process, and manage Credit Cards transactions in an on-line environment over the internet, from any computer with internet connection, and a Web browser. 

Merchants simply process their transactions over a secure-encrypted Internet connection and we take care of the rest!

There are two different ways to set up a merchant account: 

E-Payment Charge 

For merchants who have an existing Internet Storefront can be linked by the supplied HTML code or by a proprietary Shopping Cart/Store builder program (our free shopping Cart is available for starters). It will bring the fastest, reliable, and secure transactions processing capabilities of e-Payment Charge to storefronts on the Web. 

Virtual Terminal 

It is a component of e-Payment Charge that allows Merchants who have Internet access, but not a website to manually enter transactions without the need of an Internet storefront. 

To set up a merchant for this service, simply follow the normal paperwork procedures: 

  1. Verify if the Merchant has an ACTIVE website.
  2. A CYNERGY DATA merchant application properly filled out.
  3. Website address, voided check, and additional documentation as detailed under our Credit Policy guidelines.
  4. An e-Payment Charge Internet set up for signed by merchant.

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