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       Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Card Processing


Electronic Benefits Transfer, (EBT), a payment feature often unseen and unheard, is growing at a tremendous rate. Government programs such as state issued food stamps, Women/Infants/Children (WIC) and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), issue benefits on an electronic card known as an EBT card. The card issued is similar to a debit card, as the cardholder has a specific personal identification number (PIN) that must be used when accessing their funds. To process an EBT card, the card is run through an electronic payment system that authorizes the transfer of the card holder's government benefits to the retailer for payment of products received. In many states EBT cards are the primary source for government issued benefits, such as food stamps, as over 80 percent of food stamp benefits that are issued today are issued on EBT cards. Many experts predict that other benefits such as social security will also be issued on EBT cards in the future, which will require more merchants to accept the government issued card.

Facts About EBT Cards:

- In 1997 almost $20 billion worth of food stamp benefits were delivered. Some 186,000 retailers are authorized to accept food stamps. In a single month, retailers made 1.7 million deposits of food stamp coupons in more than 26,000 banks. - EBT eliminates much of the paper handling involved in the food stamp system, and it automates accounting, saving millions in the process.

- Recipients have reported that they like the convenience and security of EBT. They no longer have to go to the food stamp issuance office to pick up their food stamps. They can draw their benefits as needed instead of receiving a month's allotment at one time. If the card is lost or stolen, it can't be used by anyone who doesn't know the PIN, and it can easily be canceled and replaced.

- Surveys have shown that most participants prefer an EBT system to the paper coupon system it has replaced. Many recipients have also said that EBT reduces the stigma associated with food stamp coupon use.

- The Federal government saves time and money by moving to EBT. The process of printing, transporting, safeguarding, distributing, accounting, and destroying the food stamp coupons is eliminated.

As EBT becomes a more frequent form of payment, your business should be prepared. Enroll in Cynergy Data's EBT program and increase your customer base by accepting government issued benefit cards.

Benefits through the US government such as Social Security and Food Stamps are going to be, if not already, processed through Electronic Process.

In order to process an EBT card (sale of food, or cash back), the merchant MUST have a license and have proper equipment such as a terminal and a Pin Pad to enter the private pin number of the recipient.

When we approve a merchant for EBT services, our services also include Credit Cards and Debit cards, as well as, Check services. 

Benefits of using a third party provider of EBT/Debit & Credit Card Processing 

  • Equipment is prepared to do daily batches, so the merchant knows exactly how much they sell per day.
  • Our services provide the merchant with the option of accepting all formal payment types available.
  • Our equipment does not necessarily need to have a dedicated phone line.



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