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Catering to an array of businesses, Cynergy Data Group identifies the need to offer a diverse selection of services to meet the specific needs of all merchants that are interested in electronic payment processing. This is why at Cynergy Data Group; our payment solutions are customized to meet your needs. Offering a full selection of electronic payment services allows us to tailor fit a payment technology program suited just for you and your business. We encourage you to explore the many different options that are available. Let us enhance your business, your company and your future.


To maintain or start a successful business, accepting credit cards is a necessity. More and more credit card holders are imposing the demand of credit card acceptance on merchants of all shapes, sizes and types.

Debit card use is skyrocketing as more customers are discovering their convenience and more merchants are discovering the potential savings over alternative payment methods.

Electronic Benefits Transfer, (EBT), a payment feature often unseen and unheard, is growing at a tremendous rate.

Checks are an unwavering fixture in American business. An ever popular payment method, check acceptance is one of the oldest payment methods used today, and will continue to remain popular.

Gift Card processing is the newest release in consumer payment systems. Paper gift certificates have now been replaced with electronic gift cards

E-Commerce has become a way of life for consumers and businesses, leading to be a necessary option in today's business environment.


An enhancement to Electronic Check Conversion, or by itself, if you accept checks, you should have check recovery.


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