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          Debit / ATM Card Processing


Debit card use is skyrocketing as more customers are discovering their convenience and more merchants are discovering the potential savings over alternative payment methods. Flexibility, security and convenience are crucial in payment processing, and debit cards are no exception. Give your customers the ability to use debit cards and you gain the benefit of a payment option that offers simplicity and a high level of security. When a debit card is issued, the account holder must select his or her own Personal Identification Number (PIN) that must be used when the card is processed. Entering a PIN ensures that all of the transactions you accept are highly secured. Signatures or ID are not required when accepting debit cards, as the PIN is the Identification. With direct access to all of the major debit networks, Cynergy Data makes it easy to accept debit and ATM cards regardless of your location.

We all know that a DEBIT CARD is the card that we receive when we open a Bank Account. In the beginning, it was only used to get cash from an ATM Machine. Today, people are using the Debit Card to make daily purchases instead of writing a check or paying by cash. Accepting the Debit Card has become a MUST for every merchant whom wants to increase sales.  

By accepting a Debit Card, there is also the added advantage of NO discount rate being involved. The only cost to the merchant is the transaction fee. The only additional equipment required to enable acceptance of a Debit Card is the Pin Pad. 


Ø       Almost everyone has a Debit Card.

Ø       Not everyone has a Credit Card.

Ø       90 % of Debit cardholders use their card for purchases.

Ø       Many banks offer their debit card holders additional benefits such as points rewarded each time the holder uses their debit card in a purchase transactions.  


Ø       By accepting Debit Card the merchant can offer his customers another Payment Option.

Ø       There is No Discount Rate involved; (in effect it is CASH).

Ø       Money goes directly into the merchant’s checking account in 48 hours.

Ø       The merchant pays a small transaction fee. However, you must be aware, that only Nurit Terminals can be pre-set with a Surcharge to the customer, (contact Technical Support for details.) It will not only cover the transaction fee, but will also make a profit on each transaction performed with the debit card.

Ø       Our Debit Card service includes the Cash Back system, so the merchant is able to give Cash back to their customers, once he has performed a sale.  

Note: It is not possible to offer cash to the customer as a cash withdrawal. This is not an ATM Machine. A sale MUST be performed. Cash can be given in small increments and is considered the norm in “Cash Back Service”



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